Text-based MMORPG

Torn LTD, from design to 10+ years of fruitful cooperation

Industry: Online games
Tech stack: PHP, JQuery, React
Team composition: 8 developers, 1 QA engineer, 3 designers
Services: Frontend and Backend development, Design, Mobile app development, QA
Timelines: 10+ years (Ongoing)

Client's background

Torn is a text-based MMORPG created by British programmer Joe Chedburn, an online gaming fan. The game involves a virtual world based around criminal gangs and businesses. Having launched it in 2004, he developed it on his own for a long time. But as the game became more popular and the number of players grew, Joe realized that he could not combine maintaining the game and developing and implementing new ideas for its development independently.

The client came to the Default Value team when he needed design services to create several icons for the game. We got the job done and, along the way, brought it to his attention that there were a few bugs on the site that needed to be fixed. Joe was happy to hear that we could also help him with that. We analyzed the site, identified all the bugs, and fixed them. We got to know each other better, and Joe admitted that he needed a vendor for technical assistance since the game was growing quickly. And we gladly accepted the position. Thus began our long and fruitful collaboration. Now we are one of two studios that handle the technical implementation of the game frontend, backend, and design.

Our team role

To this day, we provide the same services to Joe—we have grown from icon design to a full development cycle. We cooperate according to the dedicated team model, i.e., the team deals exclusively with Torn. They live the game and are passionate about the idea, and that’s a great credit to Joe. He is a very active client who inspires us with his passion for work. Our team loves this project and strives to make the client happy, and he responds in kind.

We are also proud to have our team in the hall of fame on the Torn website, which lists everyone involved in its development. Our value in collaboration with a client is a long-term and trusting relationship. Our team for this project grows every year, which means that the client’s trust and confidence in our services grow as well.

It is also important to note the scale of the game’s growth. Right now, it has over 40,000 players per day. Torn would not have been able to grow to this scale if the client had continued to develop it himself, and we are happy to be part of that progress.

The management is surgical and concise from start to finish, guaranteeing successful releases time and time again. Default Value’s transparency and high level of communication stand out,” Joe says.

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