Israeli payment system

Tech stack: Magento 1
Location: Israel
Service: Integration
Industry: Fintech, E-commerce
Team composition: 1 project manager, 2 developers, 1 QA, 1 designer
Timelines: 1 week


PayPlus is an Israeli payment service. The client was part of a company with which we had already cooperated for some time. So inspired by the recommendations of colleagues, he turned to us as experts in Magento to refine the integration module—SmartPay Plus. His goal was to give the service customers the possibility to make payments through Magento, which the existing unfinished module didn’t allow.


The client already had a module on Magento 1. However, it needed to be developed better, so the integration could have been more efficient. Some features didn’t work, so the user experience wasn’t smooth enough.

Although the project was very short, it had a couple of complications. First of all, it was the peculiarities of the integration of the payment system—it was necessary to ensure the most secure data transfer. In addition, all of the technical documentation was in Hebrew. So we had to translate all documents into English before starting the project.

payment app development
p2p payment app development


What did such a short project consist of?

  • Investigation
  • Studying the documentation
  • Modifying and refining the module
  • Quality assurance
  • Project delivery


So, in just one week, we were able to actualize the existing module to the modern standards of Magento, adapting it to the needs of the payment system. The client was completely satisfied, as he informed us personally.