Marketing platform for Facebook Messenger

Location: California, USA
Industry: eCommerce, marketing
Tech stack: PHP (Magento 1), JavaScript
Timelines: 9 months


ShopMessage is a service that provides Facebook Messenger reminders of unfinished purchases to eCommerce site visitors, which significantly helps reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts in online stores. The tool generates 10 times more revenue per recipient than email marketing.

With ShopMessage, online retailers can automatically start Messenger conversations with customers at key points in their journey using personalized content gleaned from their browsing behavior, purchase history, and Facebook profile.

ShopMessage has brought more than $100 million to brands such as Fashion Nova, MVMT, Pura Vida Bracelets, FIGS, Brooklinen, American Eagle, and more.



ShopMessage needed a module for Magento. At the time, they had only general documentation on integrating this tool with any platform. Our team has been developing and testing a module for Magento 1 that would provide this integration.


The project consisted of standard stages:

  1. Assessment and planning.
  2. Development.
  3. Quality assurance and bug fixing.
  4. Delivery of the project to the client.
  5. Further support.

Thus, during the project, we developed the necessary module to ensure the integration of the ShopMessage tool with eCommerce projects on Magento. The client was completely satisfied with the delivered solution that helped the company increase the number of clients—eCommerce projects selling their products on Facebook.