Service for booking parking spots

Tech stack: PHP, Symfony
Services: Website development, design, support, consulting
Location: UK
Industry: Facilities Services
Team composition: 1 project manager, 2 developers, 1 QA, 1 designer
Timelines: 2016—Ongoing


VIP-MDP is a startup with a very simple but sought-after idea. During soccer games, people were asking about local parking near stadiums. The client discovered that there were many buildings in nearby areas that you could only park next to if you lived or worked there. He contracted with the building owners to provide parking spaces for his clients who were spectators at soccer games.


Initially, the client built himself a simple business card site with minimal content. But as his business grew, he realized there was a need for a better and more marketable website customized to the needs of his particular business.

parking app development
parking app development_1


The project for the VIP-MDP consisted of:

  • Design
  • Development of the first version of the site
  • Bug fixes
  • Support


We developed a custom eCommerce solution from scratch. Because of the peculiarities of this project, we decided not to use any specific frameworks and chose PHP Symfony. The solution idea is simple: a start page where you can select a parking space for a particular date for a particular soccer game and pay for it. Based on the specifics of the industry, the main difficulty in this project was the client’s lack of technical background, which made it necessary to provide additional consulting services explaining all the nuances of our work and development features.

The project was quite small, and the initial phase lasted 2.5 months, as we had to release the site before the date of the soccer match selected by the client. After that, we fixed some bugs, improved the site, and are still providing support to the client.