Elevate your eCommerce performance: Default Value's Magento audit services

Default Value specializes in comprehensive Magento audit services, uncovering hidden opportunities and optimizing your online store for peak e-commerce performance.

A thorough Magento website audit entails a meticulous examination of an e-commerce platform built on the Magento framework. This evaluation encompasses an in-depth analysis of multiple facets, including performance metrics, security protocols, user interface, and overall functionality

What is Magento audit service at Default Value?

A thorough Magento website audit entails a meticulous examination of an e-commerce platform built on the Magento framework. This evaluation encompasses an in-depth analysis of multiple facets, including performance metrics, security protocols, user interface, and overall functionality. By scrutinizing elements such as code architecture, database structure, server settings, web design, and SEO strategies, the audit aims to uncover any potential deficiencies or inefficiencies within the site.

The primary goal of conducting such an audit is not only to pinpoint existing issues but also to offer practical recommendations for enhancement. These insights empower website owners and administrators to fine-tune their Magento platforms, thereby enhancing performance, fortifying security measures, and refining the user experience. Ultimately, the outcomes of the audit pave the way for optimized online operations, fostering business growth and bolstering revenue streams.

Why do you need a Magento audit service?

Investing in audit might be necessary if you have the subsequent scenarios:

  • Unexpected maintenance costs: Save on unforeseen expenses by identifying and resolving underlying issues efficiently.
  • Recent updates or new launch: Ensure smooth operation and optimal performance for your newly updated or launched online store.
  • Frequent Magento error messages: Address technical glitches promptly to maintain a seamless user experience and prevent potential revenue loss.
  • Post-upgrade functionality issues: Validate that your site functions flawlessly post-upgrade to maximize its effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Slow site performance: Enhance loading speeds to retain visitors and improve conversion rates by optimizing your Magento platform.
  • Backend support deficiency: Bolster backend operations to streamline management processes and empower your team to handle tasks effectively.
  • Theme implementation concerns: Guarantee a visually appealing and user-friendly website by rectifying any inconsistencies in theme implementation.
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How do we provide Magento audit?

Our array of audit services encompasses distinct facets tailored to address specific needs: Magento сode audit, speed & performance audit, security audit, SEO audit, UX/UI audit, analytics audit and the extensions audit.

Moreover, if we are talking about our comprehensive Magento audit, it entails meticulous scrutiny across various dimensions:

  1. Thorough examination of Magento code: Our developers conduct an exhaustive backend audit to assess your server and admin panel, followed by an evaluation of code quality, changes, and installed extensions.
  2. Evaluation of installed extensions: We meticulously audit all third-party extensions to identify performance issues and ensure compatibility with Magento.
  3. Review of custom extensions: Tailor-made extensions are scrutinized for their impact on speed performance, ensuring optimal functionality.
  4. Assessment of server architecture & logs: A comprehensive review of server performance is undertaken, optimizing web store performance and security to enhance client satisfaction.
  5. Examination of website theme and front-end assets: Our frontend developers assess site themes and frontend assets, providing recommendations to enhance user experience through HTML, JavaScript, and CSS optimization.
  6. Performance review: Leveraging experienced Magento developers, we enhance store performance to ensure swift loading times, thereby improving search engine visibility.
  7. Security patch assessment: Our team ensures your store remains secure by evaluating security patches and addressing known vulnerabilities.
  8. Integration review: We meticulously test and review all installed integrations and extensions to ensure seamless site performance.
  9. Detailed reporting: Comprehensive reports detailing the health and performance of your online store are provided for your reference and action.

Why should you choose Default Value for Magento audit?

You get what you pay for:

If you prefer to focus solely on reviewing particular design, security, or technical aspects of your webstore, we can cater to your specific requests. The choice is yours, and we're eager to assist you in any way we can.

Full stack team:

Our in-house team is proficient in the latest technologies and advanced tools. We have experienced designers, developers, QA and project managers ready to address any needs that arise during Magento services.

Exceptional audit experience:

For the past 14 years, we've been delivering Magento solutions. We have exceptional experience with all type of businesses ranging from graphics to fashion and corporate to service providers.

Ready-to-use solutions:

We don't just offer clients a thorough comprehensive review for their webstore, but also generate suggestions to enhance their overall webstore well-being.

Client testimonials: Real stories, real results

Unlock the benefits of Magento Upgrade

Let’s delve into the benefits. What can your online store gain from a Magento website audit? The answer is quite substantial.

Enhanced site performance:

A thorough audit can significantly boost site performance by pinpointing and resolving issues that may be hindering speed and efficiency. This optimization translates to faster load times and smoother overall functionality, effectively giving your website a performance turbocharge.

Improved user experience:

A seamless, speedy, and user-friendly website fosters positive experiences for visitors. Such experiences not only encourage prolonged engagement but also increase the likelihood of conversions. In essence, an enhanced user experience breeds customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Proactive issue identification:

An audit enables the early detection and resolution of potential issues before they escalate into major problems. It's akin to possessing a crystal ball that empowers you to foresee and prevent future challenges, thus safeguarding the continuity of your online operations.

Enhanced visibility:

By conducting an SEO audit, your website can ascend in search engine rankings, amplifying its visibility to potential customers. This heightened visibility acts as a beacon, guiding interested users to your online store amidst the vast digital landscape.

Strengthened security:

A Magento website audit fortifies your site's security posture by identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities. This proactive approach ensures a secure shopping environment for your customers, akin to installing a robust security system to safeguard your physical store.

Enhancing key metrics:

Our audit measures and solutions are designed to enhance crucial metrics such as conversion rates and customer lifetime value, driving sustained growth and profitability for your online store.

In essence, a Magento website audit represents an investment in the future success of your online business. It’s about elevating your website from merely good to exceptional. In the competitive landscape of eCommerce, achieving greatness is what sets you apart and ensures long-term viability.

Who needs Magento audit?

Industries: Fashion, Food, Beauty, Furniture, Education, Healthcare, Automotive, Telecommunication, Sport, Energy, and Advertising


It involves a comprehensive examination of the Magento platform as a whole or its individual components. Our expert development team meticulously analyzes the Magento core, scrutinizes the database, evaluates UX design, assesses SEO settings, and more. This thorough e-commerce site audit is instrumental in identifying vulnerabilities within your store and devising tailored solutions to enhance website performance and security.

A Magento audit can uncover a wide range of issues that may be affecting your online store. These include errors in the code, security vulnerabilities, unreliable extensions, outdated modules, UX/UI deficiencies across various pages, and more. Whether you’re operating on the latest version of Magento or running a Magento 1 store, our audit services are designed to assist you in identifying and addressing any challenges you may encounter.

While Magento audits themselves don’t directly resolve technical challenges or guarantee higher conversions, they provide invaluable insights into the areas of your Adobe Commerce store that require attention. This comprehensive analysis mitigates the risk of making uninformed investments. After undergoing a Magento 2 audit, you gain a clear understanding of where to allocate resources for optimization or development. Additionally, we offer corrective measures for priority issues identified during the audit as an optional service.

The duration of a Magento audit varies depending on the specific type of audit and the scope of work involved. Factors such as the size of your store, Magento version, and existing customizations influence the timeline. A thorough Magento 2 site audit, for instance, may take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, ensuring meticulous examination and analysis.

Periodic Magento technical audits are essential to maintain the optimization and upkeep of your website. The frequency of audits should align with the size, complexity, and evolving needs of your Magento site. As a general guideline, scheduling a Magento technical audit at least once a year is advisable. Additionally, consider conducting audits after significant changes or updates to your website to ensure sustained performance, security, and compliance with industry best practices.

To commence a Magento audit, simply connect with a reputable Magento audit service provider to discuss your specific requirements and objectives. Our team will guide you through the entire process, from defining the scope of work to implementing recommended enhancements based on the audit findings. Your journey towards optimizing your Magento website begins with a collaborative discussion tailored to your unique needs.

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