Ad performance tool for eCommerce

Tech stack: PHP, Magento 1, Magento 2
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Industry: Ecommerce, Marketing
Team composition: 1 project manager, 3 developers, 1 QA engineer
Timelines: 800 hours

Overview is a business intelligence tool for tracking the gross profit per order in real time. ProfitMetrics aims to give online retailers access to more transparent and understandable data on the profitability or loss of advertising campaigns.

“ is created to make complicated questions simple. It’s simply a matter of making rational choices based on actual profit—be it on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.”

Frederik Boysen, CEO of ProfitMetrics

Prerequisite had an underdeveloped module for Magento 1 that didn’t align with the client’s expectations. Recognizing our expertise in Magento 2 module development, the company approached us in February 2020. After conducting a thorough technical review, we successfully revamped the module for Magento 1 and subsequently crafted a new one tailored for Magento 2.

magento module
magento module development


The challenge in this project was the very feature of the ProfitMetrics tool: it has to track a lot of data on the frontend of an online store. It was quite complicated to set up a correct accounting of all incoming data so that the output data would be accurate and trustworthy. We worked closely with the client to get it right.


What did we do during the project?

  1. Assessment and planning.
  2. Development.
  3. Quality assurance and bug fixing.
  4. Delivery of the project to the client.
  5. Further support.

Services we delivered:

  • Development of the Magento 1 & 2 integration modules
  • Post-production support
  • Help to install the developed module at ProfitMetrics’ clients
  • Module release on Magento marketplace


In the course of the project, we developed integration modules on Magento 1 and 2 and released the module on the Magento marketplace. At the moment, we have been supporting the product for for three years. In addition, we assisted the company’s clients in installing and using the developed module. Thanks to this integration, was able to reach new markets and audiences.

magento 2 module development