B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution

Tech stack: PHP, Symfony
Services: Custom PHP development
Location: United Kingdom
Industry: Financial Services
Team composition: 1 project manager, 2 PHP developers
Timelines: 3 months


Hokodo is a SaaS invoice automation solution for B2B. Hokodo eliminates all the risks and pains of offering payment terms online. The company streamlines the entire process, helping merchants make real-time credit decisions when the buyer reaches the cash register. They arrange to finance so that sellers can receive the prepayment of their choice.


Hokodo turned to us because they needed an MVP for their invoicing system. Unfortunately, the company had a product that needed to be fixed at the time.

For this reason, they required PHP developers to get the product up and running in a short time.

Buy Now Pay Later


The main difficulty of the project was the lack of complete and detailed documentation since the company was a startup at the time. For this reason, many points had to be clarified during the development process.

In addition, our task was complicated by the timing and specifics of the project. We had to develop a minimum viable product in 3 months, meeting the extremely high standards of the financial industry.


We assembled our team, assessed our capabilities in such a short time frame, and got to work. We kept Hokodo informed of the development progress by doing demos every month. We mostly did frontend development but also helped on the backend. After three months, we managed to get the product to the client on time. Everything worked, and the client was more than content with our services.

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