Seller of Amazonian medical herbs

Tech stack: Magento 1
Services: Website stabilization and optimization, redesign, support
Location: USA
Industry: Ecommerce, Healthcare
Team composition: 1 project manager, 2 developers, 1 QA, 1 designer
Timelines: >1500 hours


Raintree is an online store for people interested in alternative methods of maintaining their health, such as medicinal herbs, folk remedies, and the power of nature. The company’s value is to make people healthier by giving them medicines devoid of chemicals based on ancestral teachings.

“At Raintree, we believe there is a lot of power in the natural world. We use herbs from a part of the planet that is largely untouched in order to restore harmony and promote healing in the body.”

The company trades medicinal herbs and supplements from Amazon, adhering to the concept of ethical consumption—not harming the region while benefiting people.


In 2013, a client from Raintree approached us with a request: we needed to develop a stable working store that would meet all the requirements of today’s selective customers. Of course, this also required a complete redesign of the site, which took a pretty decent amount of time.

Website stabilization


What are the main measures we took during the project?

  • Stabilization and optimization
  • Redesign
  • Support and updating of the system
  • Updating to Magento standards
  • Quality assurance and bug fixing
  • Handing over the project to the client


The project lasted a total of 6 years until the end of 2019. During this time, we not only updated the site to modern standards and redesigned it but also provided stable technical support to the client, conducting a large amount of optimization and improvement as Magento evolved.

After receiving the modern, up-to-date site, the client was delighted with our work and continued our cooperation until the suspension of

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