Kosher4U & Ari's Kosher Wine Belgian online kosher supermarket

Tech stack: Magento 1, Magento 2
Services: Website stabilization, website development, redesign, OpenCart—Magento 2 migration
Location: Belgium
Industry: E-commerce
Team composition: 1 project manager, 4 developers, 1 QA, 1 designer
Timelines: 2016—Ongoing


Kosher4U, the largest online kosher supermarket in the EU, is revolutionizing kosher shopping across Europe.

Antwerp-based Kosher4u sends food to thousands of customers all over Europe, from Finland in the north to Greece in the south, from Lisbon in the west to Bulgaria in the east. Their ‘smart & cool’ packaging allows for delivering chilled products safely across Europe.

Kosher4u stocks over 10,000 items from all over the world. Wherever and whenever their customers want kosher food, they can supply them.

Ari’s Kosher Wine is a kosher wine importer, distributor, and retailer specializing in Israeli wines. The company stocks the classic and flagship kosher wines from Israel and France and the major kosher world wines. In addition to the top-rated and established wines, Ari likes to collect great wines from the smaller boutique wineries in the Hills and valleys of Israel.


The client turned to us with a request to adapt the Kosher4U site to modern standards and make a redesign. And Ari’s Kosher Wine, in fact, needed to be “resuscitated.” The site had been ordered from a third-party developer but had not been brought to release. The client wanted us to develop a new site from scratch and redesign it.


In the case of Kosher4U, the first difficulty was that the project was in a very neglected state when we took it on.

But the main challenge was the specifics of the store. First of all, the client needed the store to shut down on the Sabbath, and no one could place an order before sunset on Saturday. This required a special timer to be installed.

Second, the customer had an additional sub-store that specialized in products exclusively for Pesach, a major Jewish holiday. How it worked: the customer could switch from the main Kosher4U store to the Pesach store and place an order a month before the start of the holiday week. This could not be done at other times, and we needed to add a timer as well.

In addition, there was another nuance with this store. When you switched from the main Kosher4U store to the Pesach store, all kosher items remained in the cart. But if there were non-kosher products, just those were removed, and this feature only worked one way. If, on the other hand, the customer added items first in the Pesach store and then moved to the main site, the items remained untouched. We needed to design this feature carefully so that the customer would be warned about the products in their cart. This was necessary so that faithful customers would avoid accidentally buying non-kosher products forbidden on Pesach.

As for the difficulties at Ari’s Kosher Wine, the first thing that comes to mind, of course, is that the site was on OpenCart. Before this project, we had no experience with this platform. We had to study it in detail to properly migrate all the data from the old site to Magento 2.

The second difficulty was the peculiarities of wine packaging. The store sells wine in standardized boxes that hold a certain number of bottles, depending on the liter.

We had to design a system so that the customer could not only pay for each box but also see how the bottles were placed in each box.


Based on the above, the project was divided into two stages: Kosher4U and Ari’s Kosher Wine.


  • Stabilizing
  • Refinement
  • Redesign
  • Support

Ari’s Kosher Wine:

  • Migration from OpenCart to Magento 2
  • Refinement
  • Design
  • Release
  • Support
kosher shop


As is already clear from the challenges described, for Kosher4U, we not only made a complete redesign and adapted the site to all modern standards but also developed timers for Shabbat and Pesach. Also, despite all the difficulties of such specifics, we managed to set up the required transition from the main site to the site for Pesach so that customers would be notified of non-kosher products in their baskets.

As for Ari’s Kosher Wine, we first developed the site from scratch and created a design for it. But what’s much more interesting is the ability to see how much space is left in each box of wine and how many more bottles of different liters can be placed in it. It’s a unique feature that we’ve never seen or developed before. The work on it was complicated but also incredibly interesting.

The client was delighted with our work, and we continue our cooperation to this day.

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