Trends Hunters Marketplace for luxury brand connoisseurs

Tech stack: OpenCart
Services: Website development, payment system integration
Location: Ukraine
Industry: E-commerce
Team composition: 1 project manager, 2 backend developers, 1 QA, 1 designer
Timelines: 2020—Ongoing


Trends Hunters is the first marketplace in Ukraine for selling and buying luxury clothing, shoes, and accessories from individual sellers and boutiques. The company aims to unite all owners of branded goods, provide them with a convenient platform for selling them, and protect customers from buying fakes. For the latter, Trends Hunters, experts in luxury fashion brands, use advanced equipment to check all products for authenticity.


Before meeting us, the company had ordered the site’s development from another contractor. Trends Hunters was dissatisfied with the timing and quality of the platform, which was never released in a year. For this reason, the company was looking for a new vendor who would not only make a high-quality marketplace but also integrate all of the necessary functionality.


Trends Hunters’ source of income from the marketplace is transaction fees. The seller sells the goods, and part of the sum goes to the company. During this project, we did quite a complicated integration with UAPAY: we had to set everything up so that the commission from each sale was calculated automatically, and the money went separately to different accounts: the seller’s and the company’s.


This project consisted of the following steps:

  • Bug fixes after previous developers
  • Payment system integration
  • Support


Trends Hunters found us by recommendation. According to the brand’s co-founder, the decisive factors were perfect reputation, experience, and acceptable price. For this reason, although we do not work with OpenCart, the company was very eager to work with us.

We had a kick-off meeting to discuss the goals and objectives. In 1.5 months, we fixed bugs made by the previous contractor, integrated the payment system, added new functionality, and released the site. The result was an increase in the brand’s online presence, which previously had only an offline store in Kyiv, hence no online sales. The company has also improved its customer experience. According to the client, the number of sales has increased. Buyers could find items on the site easily, and sellers could put items on sale themselves. We continue our cooperation to this day, providing customer support and developing new features.

Here’s what Trends Hunters have to say about working with us:

“Everything is perfect. They are rather experienced in developing, and the communication was friendly, easy-going, and effective.”

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