Ringman manufactures a unique fitness device, the N-bar, created by a fitness trainer.

Industry: Wellness & Fitness
Tech stack: Native Android development
Team composition: 1 project manager, 2 developers, 1 QA, 1 designer
Services: Mobile app development, design, support, marketplace release
Timelines: 2020 (Ongoing)
Location: Norway


Ringman is the manufacturer of a unique fitness device, the N-bar, created by a trainer. The essence of the device is to replace the barbell for athletes. The N-bar can be used both at home and on the road, which can safely be called a revolution in the world of powerlifting.


Ringman came to us based on recommendations from colleagues. The client had the following goal: as a trainer, he was creating training content with N-bar and wanted to build a complete infrastructure around his device. To do this, he needed a mobile app that Ringman clients could use to learn how to use the device and improve their workouts. The client lacked technical knowledge and needed a contractor to develop it.


The project was divided into the following phases:

  • Development of design concept
  • Mobile application development
  • Support


The development of the application lasted a couple of months. We provided a closed cycle of consulting and development for the client, fully helping and explaining all points. Actually, the lack of technical background of the client was the main challenge for the team, as we had to explain all aspects of application development, what we expected from the client, etc. But we handled it just fine.

The turnkey end-to-end solution offered users a workout video and allowed them to practice on a timer. We built a strong and trusting relationship with the client and are still working with him to update and maintain the app.

Here’s what he says about his experience working with us:

“Default Value is the most professional company I have worked with. I recommend them to everyone.

Our customers are happy with the user interface of the app developed by the Default Value team. I was most impressed with the vendor’s responsiveness during the project as well as their unbeatable charges for their services. The response time is immediate, and the price they charge is unbeatable in my eyes. Changes I want to be done are happening fast, and communication is flawless.

I think Default Value is special and an inspiration for our company to be as professional as them.”

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