electronics retailer

Building a Magento 2 Powerhouse

Maifon, established in 2009, is a local pioneer in mobile phone and accessory sales in central Ukraine. Over 12 years, it’s expanded to 40 stores, with ambitions to dominate the Ukrainian electronics market.

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pwa app development company

PWA for an American pay television channel

A Nickelodeon smartwatch project developed by Trackimo and Default Value. Engaging kids with beloved characters while offering safety features for caregivers. Operating as a successful PWA online store in the UK and Israel, with global expansion plans

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facebook messenger reminder

Marketing platform for Facebook Messenger

ShopMessage, a service that provides Facebook Messenger reminders of unfinished purchases, needed a module for Magento. We created the necessary module to ensure the integration of the ShopMessage tool with eCommerce projects on Magento. Thanks to this, the company increased the number of clients.

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eCommerce email marketing software

Discover how our Magento integration modules revolutionized Rejoiner’s eCommerce email marketing software, significantly reducing abandoned cart problems and boosting online store revenue. Our expertise not only helped Rejoiner expand into new markets but also elevated client support to new heights.

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Israeli payment service

Israeli payment system

An Israeli payment service PayPlus wanted to give the service customers the possibility to make payments through Magento. For this goal, they needed to refine the integration module—SmartPay Plus. In just a week, we actualized the existing module to the modern standards of Magento.

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Service for booking

Service for booking parking spots

VIP-MDP is a startup with a simple but sought-after idea: to provide people who attend soccer games with local parking near stadiums. We developed a custom solution from scratch. The idea was also simple: a page to select a parking space for a particular soccer game and pay for a particular date.

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shisha store

The Premium Hookahs store

The Premium Hookahs store stands as a haven for hookah enthusiasts, offering an extensive range of shisha and hookahs. Starting in 2008, this store has evolved into one of the most opulent and sizable hookah destinations globally. With over 1800 hours of dedicated development, numerous enhancements have been implemented, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience, including Magento 2 migration, error fixes, and advanced POS integrations.

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Optimization for Denmark’s Furniture eCommerce

Discover Møbelkompagniet.dk, Denmark’s premier furniture retailer, powered by Magento 2 and supported by Default Value. We enhance the shopping experience with quality furniture, efficient delivery, and customized ERP solutions.

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Global Eсommerce Development and Support Project

From 2017 to 2019, we worked with a large corporation that manufactures and sells consumer technology. The client came to us through our partners, DoubleBlaze Consulting. This project was not technically complex but had some organizational challenges, as we needed to provide technical support 24/7.

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