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upgrading magento
6 Costs You Need to Know About Upgrading Magento

6 Costs You Need to Know About Upgrading Magento Magento is the leader among open-source e-commerce platforms. As many people know, Magento 1 was announced to be retired in June 2020. And that’s when it became apparent that it was necessary to upgrade to Magento 2.4. Despite this, many companies still haven’t done so, preferring…

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pwa ecommerce
Why is PWA the Future of Ecommerce?

Why is PWA the Future of Ecommerce? PWA or Progressive Web App is a technology that makes a website visually like an app and eliminates the need for the user to download the app itself. You can even place the icon on your smartphone desktop. Let’s find out why this technology is gaining popularity and,…

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UX/UI Design Trends
Top 7 UX/UI Design Trends For Ecommerce In 2023

For eCommerce sites and apps to be usable, productive, and aesthetically pleasing, it's important to consider the best user experience and interface design practices. The capabilities of today's technology are constantly expanding, and with them, new directions in digital design appear. The year 2023 is near, so it's high time to consider the ideas and innovations that will shape the way UX/UI eCommerce website design is created next year.

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