Australian LMS for learning road rules

Tech stack: PHP, Symfony
Services: Website development, payment system integration
Location: New Zealand
Industry: E-learning
Team composition: 1 project manager, 2-3 developers (during different phases of the project), 1 QA
Timelines: 2016—Ongoing


DriverKnowledgeTests, Driving Tests New, and mocktheorytest are parts of a New Zealand-based LMS (learning management system) for online learning of traffic rules in Australia and New Zealand. Initially, it was a small project whose target audience was transport and logistics companies that needed to test their drivers’ knowledge and improve their skills with different types of vehicles. Drivers can take tests, and the company can track their training progress. A larger company later bought out the startup.


At that time, learning management systems were a new concept for us, with which we had no previous experience. It was necessary to understand all the nuances of such systems.

There were also communication issues due to the client’s location, which we overcame very quickly.

learning management system features


This project was developed from scratch and is still under our control. Several times a year, we release new functionality at the request of the client, so the stages are as follows:

  • The client makes a list of necessary work for several releases ahead
  • According to the plan, we develop on schedule the necessary functionality
  • Release
  • Support


LMS was developed from scratch under the control of the client. It was necessary to quickly create not just any system but MVP (minimum viable product). That is, from the very beginning, we developed the solution architecture so that it was possible to plan the system’s further development.

Our work was not only appreciated directly by the client. The fact that a larger company later bought the system would prove the high level of our service—even if we had no experience with similar products before.