Premium Hookahs Store

The Premium Hookahs store

Tech stack: PHP, jQuery, MySQL, Magento 1, Magento 2
Services: Website stabilization, migration, support
Location: Netherlands
Industry: E-commerce
Team composition: 1 project manager, 2 developers, 1 QA


The water pipes are as old as the world. But till now they continue renewing and developing. So hookah lovers have a chance to taste completely new combinations of flavors and renewed models of water pipes.

Two good friends, who have a passion for hookahs and all related products, decided to introduce the Eastern atmosphere of delicious smells in the Netherlands in 2008.

The Premium Hookahs store now is one of the largest and most luxurious hookah stores in the hookah world. The store offers a great variety of hookahs and shisha. On the website, the user has an opportunity not only to buy products but also to explore the fantastic hookah world. The company ensures that a customer can enjoy the most luxurious and high-quality lounge experience and bring it to a completely new level.



  • Magento 2 website
  • retail and wholesale
  • when we were engaged the website was offline and a lot of issues needed to be fixed
  • A lot of SEO improvements needed
  • POS integrations needed
  • delivery services integrations needed
  • automation of the business processes was requested

Our team role:

We stepped into the project in April 2018 and continue to support it till now. The store was made on Magento 2 and was completely broken with some of the changes added to the Magento core. First of all, we stabilized the website and reviewed it to define critical errors. Then the migration of the data was done from old Magento 1 to Magento 2. After that, the main issues reported by the client were fixed and the Magento update was performed. A complex WebPOS functionality was improved and supported.

For the last years of working together, we implemented quite a lot of new features. Overall we spent more than 1800 hours on development.


  1. Fix the broken theme and stabilization of the store
  2. The project is heavily customized, so during development, we need to be extremely attentive with the architectural decisions and solutions choosing more than 100 modules are installed, and there are quite
  3. A lot of intersections between their functionalities