Accessible App Privacy Deception and Device Abuse Policy

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Accessible App Privacy, Deception, and Device Abuse Policy

At Default Value (“we,” “us,” “our”), we prioritize the safety, security, and transparency of every user’s experience with our AccessibleGPT app (“App”). This Privacy Policy, Deception Policy, and Device Abuse Policy outlines our approach to using personal information, our expectations for user conduct, and our measures to prevent dishonest and abusive practices. By using our App, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions stated in this Policy.

Privacy Policy

When you use our App, we uphold your privacy by not collecting or storing any personal information related to your login or registration with ChatGPT. The login and registration process occurs exclusively through a WebView component connecting directly to ChatGPT servers. We strictly adhere to OpenAI’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at

Deception Policy

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of deception or dishonesty exhibited within our App. This includes but is not limited to the use of fake or misleading information, impersonation of others, and any attempts to misrepresent yourself or your identity.

If you suspect another user of deceptive behavior, we encourage you to report it to us immediately at [email protected].

Device Abuse Policy

We expect our users to use our App responsibly and in accordance with our terms of service. Any use of our App that results in the abuse or damage of any device or system is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of malicious software or code, attempts to access unauthorized systems or networks, and any other behavior that could result in harm to devices or systems.

We reserve the right to report any suspected device abuse or violation of our terms of service to the appropriate authorities.

User Consent

By choosing to use our App, you provide your explicit consent to the collection and use of your information as outlined in this Policy. Additionally, you agree to abide by our Privacy Policy, Deception Policy, and Device Abuse Policy, which can be accessed on our website.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and continuous improvement, we may update this Policy periodically. The most up-to-date version will always be available on our website. We strongly encourage you to review this Policy regularly to stay informed about any changes regarding the collection, utilization, and sharing of your information.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding our AccessibleGPT App Privacy Policy, Deception Policy, and Device Abuse Policy, please contact us at [email protected]. We are here to provide assistance and address any issues you may have.