Case Studies
  • Overview

    We must live consciously, gratefully and meaningfully, and interact with beauty and quality in the form of simple and few products that make us happy and at the same time are good for the environment, people and society. We want to give you the opportunity to buy products for a lifestyle that is characterized by the Slow Living concept.

  • Prerequisites:

    • E-commerce project build using heavily customized Magento 1
  • Our team role:

    We stepped into the project in the February of 2020 and still provide services for the client. We did not implement an initial solution but were selected as a replacement for the initial team. We fixed critical problems reported by the client when hiring us and since then provide sustainable and active support and development for the project. We delivered more than 400 backlog items including a wide range of tasks from fixing small issues and support tickets to implementation of custom connectors using vendors API’s. On the project we provide technical support and new feature development on request.

  • Challenges:

    • Old core system (Magento 1) is used on the project that requires specific knowledges from the team
    • Project has multi currency and multi language setup
    • The project is heavily customized and not documented so implementation of any feature requires exceptional attention to detail and thorough testing
    • Implementation of several custom connectors to warehouse providers

Technologies and tools:

  • Magento 1
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL


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